A team of prestigious professionals, internationally highly qualified, is our business card to bring to our clients a suitable analysis of their legal requirements and bring them highly efficient and innovative solutions. The Firm has a great experience in the Iberoamerican marketplace, being very strong in all branches of Business Law, mainly in Spain and acting in emerging market, having taken part in significant projects in regional level, in countries like: Venezuela, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador, Panamá, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Netherlands Antilles, Argentina and Dominican Republic.

The firm has achieved establishing itself as a hinge of business between Europe and Latam. The firm characterized by its values: equal opportunities of race, belief or gender, respect to ethical standards and commitment to academics. Our trajectory and dedication are reflected in corporate commitment with our clients, with the countries where we work and the relationships that have been consolidated through years of experience. From our beginnings of our founding partners in Spain as well as Venezuela.


Rafael E. Álvarez Loscher

Managing Partner of the firm internationally. Graduated from Monteavila University (2004) in Venezuela, has a Diploma in Economic Analysis of Law from George Mason University (2007) and Universidad Empresarial in Argentina Diploma in Advanced Studies (Doctoral Studies) in Business Law from Navarra University, Spain; PhD in Law from Navarra University summa cum laude (2016); Master Business Administration (MBA) joint degree between IE Business School (Spain) and Brown University (United States) (2017). He was university professor in Business Law at Monteavila University (2004-2008), invited speaker and professor across multiple institutes from Spain to Latam.
His international and multisectoral experience as corporate legal adviser from several companies in different transactions like: acquisitions, development new products, providing successful protection of financial investments and corporate reorganization in financial difficulties, as designing complex corporate structures at international level. He has handled legal transactions successfully in Latam and Spain. His experience includes, but is not limited to: organize international structures for capital investment, estate planning, negotiations, corporate strategy, economic analysis and other decision-making criteria requirements.

José Sánchez Montalbán

Partner in charge of international area of the firm in Spian. University degree in Law, Business Administration and Management, Economics from Pontificia Comillas University in Spain (1998). His professional practice has been directed to corporate clients, and private investment funds, in connection with procurement transactions, business mergers and purchases on a national and international basis. He has participated in the designing and implementation of different investment projects, incorporation and development of business, also business and corporate group reorganization, through company mergers, asset contribution, sale and purchase of businesses, spin-offs, debt conversion, refinancing agreement, and other business operations like trade contracts to various sectors. In addition, is a member of different boards of directors of companies in Spain, providing legal and strategic advice. Also, he has been invited as a teacher and speaker in different first-rate academic institutions in Spain. .

Rafael E. Álvarez Villanueva

Partner of the firm in Caracas, Venezuela. Graduated from Central University of Venezuela (1974) and specialized in Business Law from the same university (1979) also where he took a doctor´s degree in Law. He has combined his professional life with judicial functions as a Substitute Judge in Family Law and, Substitute Superior Judge of Civil, Mercantile in Caracas. He was President of the Banking Association Legal Committee of Venezuela.
He has had various management positions in companies of the financial and banking sector.
He has guided judicial strategies for different clients at international and national level, concluding successfully in effective solutions for our clients. Also, has assisted with International Courts as an expert of Venezuelan Civil Law. At this time his practice is directed to client advice in litigation and arbitration.


We work as a single team associated with other international leading firms around the world to provide our clients with quality solutions tailored to their needs