From the firm we serve 3 hubs in Latin America

Miami, Madrid and Caracas

Offices where we serve a wide variety of operations in the Latin American and European region, for our excellent professional, institutional or academic relationships.


Our Corporate Law department brings excellent legal advice to companies and entrepreneurs. Inside this field, we provided the formalization of those transactions related to incorporations of a company, transformation and winding-up of companies, capital operations, debt issuance and others.
The firm advices in topics of corporate governance to listed companies, or regulated, national and international, financial institutions and agents that act in stock markets.

We count with an accredited team commissioned of corporate restructuring in crisis, where we bring a legal resolution to reduce losses in the event of non-payment, assistance to companies which present difficulties and help them to make decisions and raise all the possible scenarios for the right solution to patrimonial crisis. From complex operations of debt restructuring and refinancing, negotiations in pre-bankruptcy situations, negotiations with funders, stand still agreements, asset acquisition in distress, debt capitalization and others.

We bring complete legal advice to identify and classify the legal risks of your business. Our lawyers analyze all the regulatory impact in detail, for crime prevention, that can carry criminal and administrative sanctions.

The firm counts with a department focused in political and economic environments. The academic and professional wide experience of the team provide studies and consultancies in political-legal and risk, that allow the understanding of the social-economic realities of the world that affect development plans of our clients.
In that sense, we offer high-level consultancies in political and social area for specific and efficient strategies. That allows identifying and reduction the investment risks for further business development and market positioning.

Specialized in business consultancy for national and international companies that merge. We have participated in different processes in Spain, Peru, Panama, Colombia y Venezuela. Have an extended experience in all types of processes of company acquisitions, LBO, MBI, MBO, venture capital investments, group restructurings, distressed M&A and joint ventures.

The firm has provided advice and formed management companies, designing efficient structures for all sorts of funds that invest in Spain, Panama o or any other market. Also, we have participated in venture capital operations, including the possible ways out thought sales in alternative markets.
We have participated in diverse due diligence, prepared structures, documents and write and negotiate contracts of the operation. Also, we have been taking action in corporate acquisitions in difficulties.

A specialized team with extensive experience in international and national arbitration, accredited in diverse markets, competent for achieved each one of the process stages. Our lawyers have an international profile, that allows them, in different languages, perform with facility thought the arbitration process.

Our clients can count with labor law advice, to make the best decisions in business environment, minimizing the impact and risks that talent management can suppose. Remaining hand by hand with our clients, we focus on the immediate resolution of the problems that comes day by day enterprise. The service that we bring to our clients allow them to: define labor risks and scenarios, labor contracting, designing innovative solutions of compensation, agreements and transactions with executives and management personnel, preparation of manuals, protocols, collective agreements, risk prevention, international labor advice, labor litigation and arbitration.

The firm brings legal advice to the clients, and for that, we understand that appropriate adaptation and understanding of the law is translated into an efficient management. The team brings an adequate response to the needs of each client in every market: financial markets, insurance and reinsurance, banking, medical market, pharmaceutical and others. Our team of professionals specialized in business regulatory offer unwavering attention to financial sector, we have attended institutions from all financial sectors, banks and other credit agents, service companies, insurance and reinsurance, pension funds, financial advisors, platforms funding and FinTech Companies.

Through many years of practice and experience characterized this area of the organization. The firm counts with an expert team in areas of: family law and civil law. We understand that some difficult circumstances can appear in this area, however, the firm is committed with our clients to bring them the best management to their needs.

The attention that we bring to our private client and patrimonial management is a multidisciplinary area that allows our clients have at their disposal an extended service range, with knowledge and quality. We have advised in planning and international fiscal advice; management tools for investments, divestment of assets, estate planning of family wealth and advice in every type of private investments.

In Iuriscorp we aren’t unaware of the startups and entrepreneurship ecosystem. With our multidisciplinary team, design the best collaboration plan for development from the first stage to the most complex models of investments and internationalization of innovative businesses.
From the support of the ideas and suggestions, designing and implementation of business models, going through all possible protection schemes for the investment, such as risks analysis. Our legal team can help the entrepreneur to promote his business; in addition we put our disposal to bring our entire international network of professional collaborations, with different profiles that can encourage and accelerate business.


We work as a single team associated with other international leading firms around the world to provide our clients with quality solutions tailored to their needs